PDF, epub and mobi of the full transcripts from YC's How to Start a Startup Class (CS183B)


Download How to start a startup as an Ebook. .Epub format. Suits iBooks.


Download How to start a startup as a PDF.


Download How to start a startup as an Ebook. .Mobi format. Suits Kindle.

Why does this site exist?

Better people mean a better world. I love excellent people. This class has excellent content. I’d love it if more people had consumed the content from the class. I know that people want the YC startup class as an .epub or .mobi file. So here they are.

Official formats: http://startupclass.samaltman.com/.

Credit: All speakers. All founders of YC for starting the org. Sam and Potluck and anyone else for organizing. All people who believed in and supported YC early on. Calibre for ebook conversion. Genius for the transcripts. Stanford for supporting. Skeleton for the boilerplate. ebook by Niklaus Gerber, PDF File by Laurent Canivet, and Tablet by Guilhem, all from the Noun Project. Etc. AM for giving me the inspiration to do this (so that he could read the lectures on the Caltrain).

Other recommended books: Principles by hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio (audiobook/mobi/epub here), Poor Charlie's Almanack by Warren Buffet's partner Charlie Munger, Sapiens, The Sovereign Individual.

Want a world where more people know how to start startups?